Party of Four: 30 Week Update, Placenta Encapsulation, and Midnight Snacking

“Never raise your hand to your children – it leaves your midsection unprotected” -Robert Orben

Baby Notes: Are you seriously going to eat that? I have gotten TONS of questions (i.e. questions, criticism, and outright disapproving faces) about why we have chosen to encapsulate my placenta after Genesis’ birth. I have included the website of the woman that Byron and I are using to encapsulate below to get an expert’s advice and opinion of the benefits of ingesting your placenta. For me personally I have decided to encapsulate for two main reasons: increase flow of breast milk and regulate hormones. The women in my family have ranged from having “just enough milk” to producing enough milk for multiple children at once. I am not sure where I will fall in that line. Breastfeeding is so important to me and I want to increase my chances as much as possible. Postpartum depression is very real and rarely talked about. With Genesis being my first I am not sure how I will react emotionally after the baby. I keep it no secret that I am already an emotional being and want to protect myself from baby blues as much as possible. Placenta encapsulation for some may be a very strange thing, however, I wanted to at least start a conversation that some may have never participated in.

Are you going to eat that?
Are you going to eat that?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you going to actually eat your placenta?-Encapsulating the placenta is a two day process. The first day I will have it picked up from the hospital then a family member will meet the tech at my house. She will start the process of dehydrating the placenta. The second day she will come back and grind it into capsules, in which I will take for the first few weeks after the birth of my daughter. However there are several ways to get nutrients from placenta, which do at times include making a stew, smoothie, or tea.

Do you take your prenatal vitamin in addition to your placenta pill?

Are there any risks to ingesting your placenta?-Very little. I was informed that the only time I should stop taking my pills is if I get a cold or the flu as it could speed up the process of the illness

How much does it cost?-Typically around $250 for the entire process

These past few weeks in pictures:

10 Weeks to Go!
10 Weeks to Go!
I passed!!!!
I passed!!!!
Thank you all for your votes!  This will be the diaper bag that we take to the hospital for Baby Genesis!
Thank you all for your votes! This will be the diaper bag that we take to the hospital for Baby Genesis!
My closet before and after.
My closet before and after.

Weeks 29-30: It’s been a busy few weeks Mommy in regards to planning. We are in the process of deciding on our birth plan preferences, searching for a pediatrician, booked our maternity photo shoot, and signed our contract with the woman that will encapsulate our placenta. Since we are getting closer for Genesis to arrive we also have started having doctor’s appointments every two weeks. At our last appointment we had an unscheduled ultrasound with our OBGYN to make sure Genesis was not measuring too far ahead. We were so excited that my brother and nephew were able to join us and see Genesis in action. Doctor reported she is measuring PERFECT and is already 3lbs!!!! Can we say someone is going to be a little chunky monkey? We also have been packing up the house to move in a few months, but recently found out that our move may be postponed. We continue to be presented with so many great opportunities, but I must say it does create a bit of anxiety not knowing. But, we can NOT complain at all because we continue to be so blessed!

30 weeks!
30 weeks!

Today the baby is the size of: a cucumber

Cravings: Fruit, fish, and spicy food

Next Appointment: July 12th

Mochi Update: Mochi turns 1 tomorrow!!! Happy birthday Mochi!

Mommy feels: full of energy during the day! However almost every night I wake up between 3:00am and 3:30am starving or with terrible leg cramps. Byron has literally woken up to me cooking Top Ramen and eating string cheese in the dark in the kitchen. HA! In addition I have also been having the most invasive heartburn! Even taking my vitamins makes me want to run and grab the Tums. We are getting so excited about the very near arrival of our baby girl! Byron and I spend so much time playing the guessing game: will she have my dimples and his patience? Will she have hair when she is born? Who will she cry less with? So soon we won’t have to guess!!!!

Coming next week: 3D/4D ultrasound pictures, maternity shoot preview, and our first parenting class!

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey!

Always with love,

One thought on “Party of Four: 30 Week Update, Placenta Encapsulation, and Midnight Snacking

  1. Love reading all these updates. Never knew what encapsulating was. Very interesting. Might think about doing that too after reading all the benefits and at the end of the day it’s your family and your decision so whoever don’t like it kick rocks lol

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