The Beginning of All That Ever Was…Genesis One & Two Month Update

“To my children…If I had to choose between loving you and breathing I would use my last breath to tell you…I Love You”

Genesis Iphone upload 11.20.13 063

My Dearest Genesis,
Before I delve into all the exciting things that have been happening since your birth, I must start with saying that Daddy and I owe everything in this past year (and in our lives) to God. He has truly been so faithful to us even when we didn’t express honor to Him. I want you to always know that in times of trouble AND joy, first go to God.

These past two months have been the most rewarding months of my life. It’s like winning a prize every morning that we get to wake up and see your smile. Yes you smile first thing in the morning. It is seriously the most precious thing in the world. You teach Daddy and I to be grateful for opening our eyes. Though you love opening your eyes, you are not too keen on closing them. Sleeping at night is not your favorite thing….especially alone. After tireless nights and sneaking you into the bed once Daddy was sleep, we both have given in and you now sleep in the bed with us. I know Granny (Mommy’s mom) always says “don’t let the baby sleep with you or they will never get out your bed”, but it’s so hard not to cuddle with you at night (and Mommy gets more sleep that way too)!

First Bath
First Bath

You have gotten so many visitors since you were born and they all say the same thing: “She is SO beautiful and quiet”. Looks like you got a piece of Mommy and Daddy….and Mommy is NOT quiet so you can guess which characteristic you got from each of us…hahahahaha. But it is true, you by far are the best baby ever! There were times I thought you were fussy, but I quickly learned it was me who didn’t quite know what you wanted. We are getting more in sync every day and there are less and less tears and more smiles.

First Halloween...You were sleep and in PJs before it was dark lol
First Halloween…You were sleep and in PJs before it was dark lol

You had your two month appointment on the 18th and you did AMAZING. You are almost 10 pounds, 22 ½ inches, and “strong as a four month old” (your doctor’s exact words). You took your shot like a champ and the only side effect was you sleeping quite a bit for the next few days. You are getting ready to celebrate your first holidays and I am so excited about that. Mommy absolutely LOVES the holiday season and I can’t wait for you to take pictures with your cousins in funny little clothes and attend your first church service. We also got to celebrate Daddy’s birthday (Oct. 8th) and we got to have a nice family day with just the three of us. He said it was one of his favorite birthdays .
I want you to know that being a Mommy has been the biggest privilege of my life and I couldn’t have asked God for a more perfect child. I love you baby girl.

You love:
-Laying on your changing table. We are not quite sure what it is but every time we lay you there you just giggle and kick and talk.
-The first hour of the day. You wake up smiling and talking with Daddy and I. It is indeed our favorite part of the day. I will have to say you get waking up with a smile from your Dad.
-Music. Anytime I play music or make up silly songs you just kick and coo away!
-Bath time. You are a little dolphin and not scared at all.
-Car rides. As long as the car is moving you love being in your car seat and looking around.
-Trying to stand. You love pushing up on your legs when lying in Mommy’s arms (even though it’s WAY too early). But I always knew you would be an overachiever.

You could pass on:
-Being alone or not getting attention. You hate it! As long as you can see one of us or we are talking you are pretty content.
-Changing clothes. Hands down your least favorite part of the day.
-Daddy’s beard. LOL I think it’s a little to scruffy for you.

One Month old
One Month old
Two Months Old
Two Months Old

Always with love,

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