Genesis Four Month Update: It is better to be spoiled than searching…

“Before you were born I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart.” ~Mandy Harrison

My precious gem,

We have somewhat fallen into a routine at bedtime, but tonight was different. I held you after you fell asleep…for hours…in a dark room only illuminated by the Netflix paused flat screen. I could only make out the traces of your face and listen to your cat like purrs as you slumbered, and that was all that was needed. I am so lucky that you chose me; chose me to be your guide on this side of heaven. You are so beautiful. Some say objectifying your beauty will cause lifelong complexes’, and that may be true, but it’s so hard not to when you are so perfectly present with me. One day I will cease as your guide on this planet so I want to take every opportunity to let you know how amazing you are. I recently told someone that it’s better to be spoiled than searching; for the behaviors of being entitled can be changed but the void of the lack of love is extremely hard to fill. I never want you for a second to doubt that you are loved; that your existence was yearned for; that your smile dries tears. You, my daughter, were chosen to walk this earth and be something great; and that fact that you chose me to be your guide, your mom, humbles me daily.

Christmas Eve at G.G.'s (great-grandma)
Christmas Eve at G.G.’s (great-grandma)

Well just like the past month, this one was a busy one! You got to meet a slew of your future friends on a few play dates this month. It was the most adorable things seeing you interact with other babies and their mamas. You tend to be shy in crowds right now, which is very similar to your father. You remind me so much of him: very quiet, observant, but present.

Meeting new friends
Meeting new friends
Meeting new friends
Meeting new friends
Meeting new friends
Meeting new friends

You celebrated your first Christmas and New Years! Though it melted mommy’s heart for days watching you interact with your family on Christmas, I couldn’t get over how excited your Dad was to watch you that morning. He had his video camera rolling and pictures snapping all day trying to capture your every moment. He is so proud to be your Dad!

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

By far the most important event this month was your christening (baby dedication). Having you brought before the Lord and asked for His special hand over your life was faith restoring. Your family came out in the masses to support you on this special day (planes, long car rides, little sleep…nothing stopped them from being on one accord with you that day). You looked like an angel plucked from heaven in your dress. After the church service (performed by Bishop Sykes) we spent the afternoon with family at Auntie Kiki’s house. You literally fell asleep sitting up you were so tired. Outside of the day you were born; it was the most joyous day thus far. It is my every wish as your mom to make sure you know and love the Lord with all your heart.

Being dedicated to Christ
Being dedicated to Christ
Granny bought you a party outfit for after the christening.
Granny bought you a party outfit for after the christening.
Exhausted after your christening party
Exhausted after your christening party

Other things we have noticed:
-You are officially sleeping in your own bed (bassinet)!!!!
-You got the sweating gene from mama (sorry)!
-You are very good at mimicking us (sticking out your tongue, talking back, etc…). This has to be Daddy’s favorite thing to do with you this month.
-You squeal when you are happy! Your squeals seriously make my heart skip a beat.
-You intentionally do things now for a smile or a laugh. Your favorite thing is kicking on the changing table and then watching me frantically try and grab your diaper. You find this quite hilarious.
-You are a thumb sucker! You have gotten pretty good at soothing yourself quickly with sucking your thumb.

And so it begins...
And so it begins…

-The step and play. You sit in this thing and play symphonies for mom every day!
-Playing with your feet and toes
-Our morning song
-Pinching! Mommy and Daddy are NOT a fan of this, but it amuses you every time we squeal “ouch”.
-Looking in the mirror

Our angel!  Happy four months baby girl
Our angel! Happy four months baby girl

You could pass on:
-The bumbo seat. You are sitting up in it, but getting you to sit in it for more than five minutes takes a lot of convincing.
-Getting dressed…yep still hate it.

That smile lights up my world
That smile lights up my world
Baby in motion
Baby in motion

Always with love,

One thought on “Genesis Four Month Update: It is better to be spoiled than searching…

  1. wow I can’t hold back the tear’s! thank you for allowing me to share in her life. it’s awesome to know that she is loved so much.

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