Minute with Modo(#5): WebMD



Stay away from this site! Genesis has been doing something that I thought was a cute little quirk…shrugging her shoulders. My husband SIMPLY said ” I wonder why she does that”….well what do you think I did!!??? webMD’d that shit of course! After 20 minutes I was convinced my daughter had epilepsy, seizures, was mentally retarded, and needed to be seen by a neurologist ASAP! After an hour of googling I was in TEARS! Literally terrified….I had to get up and just go hug her and take a deep breath. Listen folks who knows if it is something to worry about but one thing I know for sure is the internet won’t help me find the answer.

I am still going to call her doctor tomorrow though…smh…damn you google damn you!!!!

Always with love,


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