Minute with Modo (#6): Live out loud

Live out loud

Sooooooo this happened today:


Yep! That’s me…on a kid’s ride…screaming my head off. First and foremost I clearly realized today that I need to get in shape…I’ve been working on it but I need to put the light to the fire because kid’s rides are NOT made for adults, BUT adults always have to ride with their kids….and squeezing all this fabulousness into that little seat was for the birds. LOL! But the point of this post is not about my juicy thighs…or even my really cute shoes (go ahead and look), it’s about screaming like a kid. When’s the last time you’ve done it? Gosh it’s freeing!!!! Take some time and just “enjoy life” this week (you know do all those cliche things): laugh like a kid, dance like nobody’s watching, etc….

Life is short…or we should be filling it with so many memories to make it feel like it is.

Always with love,


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