Minute with Modo (#8): Collect memories not things

Collect memories not things


This morning, while getting ready to leave the house my husband and I tripped over tons of stuff: parts to a bassinet that’s not being used, old magazines, and little poles to something that I have yet to figure out belong to what baby toy. In frustration the hubbs said “there is crap everywhere”! He was right! The house was messy but that’s not exactly what was meant by the statement. We had tons and TONS of stuff: keepsakes from vacations, photo albums from our childhood, and let’s not even talk about all the baby stuff (my living room looks like the furniture section of babies r us). This got me thinking….what would life be life decluttered? And not just physically, but emotionally as well. As part of my observation of lent I cut out all social media (excluding updating my blog) and it’s given me such an awareness of how I waste so much time being distracted. I truly believe that clutter (both physical and emotional) is distraction. Distraction from being our true selves….we have such a SHORT time on this planet and something in me is convinced that we are not supposed to be spending this precious time collecting stuff.

“Collect moments not things”

Always with love,


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