Minute with Modo (#11): Dying without Passion


Dying without Passion

It was a great family day with my husband and daughter. During dinner a few guys near our table got into a discussion about motorcycles and I could see my husbands smile breaking under his failed attempt to continue to discuss our daughters “cute new thing”. My husband LOVES cars and motorcycles. Seriously this guy is obsessed. When the average person gets a few extra bucks they buy maybe a new pair of shoes, a nice dinner out, maybe even a splurge trip to Target (oh Target!)…but not my husband when he gets a few extra bucks he buys a car!!!! No lie I have heard about and found cheap cars he has stored at locations other than our house (that’s a whole story I’m sure he hopes I keep to myself :-)). But it’s his passion. I looked at him and said ” Gosh I hope I don’t die without a passion”. We further went on to discuss a few things I had some passion about but nothing like his deep gut wrenching love for exhausts. It first made me sad…then it got me determined. Ultimately we concluded to develop a passion you have to commit time for YOURSELF…to explore….something I am quite terrible at: crafting time for myself. So here goes! Time for self exploration.

As we were leaving a slew of motorcycles passed by, my daughter looked up and squealed…looks like someone is following in her daddy’s footsteps.

Always with love,


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