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Sneak Away Sundays (#1)


Thank you all who sent in stories! I had such an awesome time reading through them. I am so excited to start this new segment on the blog. I will feature 2-3 stories every Sunday (posting this one a little early as I have a busy day tomorrow), so feel free to continue to send your stories in (see details below).


Hey SingingWithTheVolumeUp,

I love, love, love to sneak away! I have 3 crazy girls at home. Even if it’s just to the grocery store, or Walmart. I always walk around the entire store & sometimes stop at others just fore that little bit of extra time. It’s a great way to clear your head.



My most common sneak away is in the form of running errands. If I need to go to the grocery store or Target, etc., I will do it at a time when it is convenient for J to stay home with E. Oh, I run the errands alright. But I swing by Starbucks on my way out, grab a bite to eat somewhere so that I don’t have to share with anyone, run the errands and also stop in that store I’ve been eying for a while….you get the point!

My most guilty “sneak away” doesn’t actually involve me sneaking away; it’s me SENDING them away! “Hey, you should take E to play with M. It will be fun! Invite your friend too.” Both J and E are occupied and mommy is free to do whatever she wants….or nothing at all!


Have a sneak away story you would like to share?! Email and title your email “Sneak Away”.

Always with love,


Sneak Away!


You know those days you just need a break from your kids??!!! I recently spoke with a mom that took a much needed break from her tiny tot and to hear the rejuvenation in her voice was healing for me!

Today I went to ran errands as my husband watched the baby. Usually I rush to get back but on the way home I stopped, got a ice cream cone, and just sat. It was the best dang ice cream cone!!!!

Then I got to thinking I’m sure a TON of moms..and dads…do this…sneak aways for just a little break. Send me your funny stories and I will feature them on my blog. To submit a story follow guidelines below:

1. Email

2. Title email: Sneak Away

3. Type up your story and make sure you let me know if you want it anonymous.

That’s it! Can’t wait to hear these stories.

Genesis 10 month update: Summertime Fun

Genesis 10 month update: Summertime Fun

Hey Munchkin,

Genesis!!!!! I am convinced you love your name because the look you give me while running down the hall, as I am yelling it, is pure joy. I guess we can call it running but really it’s a fast paced waddle; that tends to end in giggling falls down the hallway, as Daddy chases you laughing “I’m going to get you”. Pure joy. We laugh so much now. You make us realize that life is so sweet and to enjoy it more; you know don’t sweat the small stuff. Something else you have loved this month is all the summertime fun: you had your first time in the pool, went to pool parties, baby showers, and even the county fair. We have had a blast. We can’t wait to spend the rest of the summer outdoors; smiling and laughing the time away.

More sleepover fun with  Zoe

More sleepover fun with Zoe

Pool party for your buddy Roy

Pool party for your buddy Roy

Sleepovers with cousin Zoe

Sleepovers with cousin Zoe

Getting ready for the pool

Getting ready for the pool

First time in the pool

First time in the pool

Other things we noticed:
-You have started sharing: you love putting food in our mouths, handing us toys
-You are trying your best to say words: Dad, dog, bye, hi, and mom are some of your favorites
-You wave hi and bye when Daddy leaves for work

10 months

10 months

You love:
-the water; either it be the pool, pool parties, or even the bathtub
-trying new foods, we have tried pasta and meat this month
-running down the hallway, especially when Daddy chases you

10 months

10 months

You could pass on:
-your own food; you absolutely love eating off Mommy’s plate
-shoes; we had the hardest time getting you to walk in shoes, we have tried over four pair now
-getting out of any body of water, there are always a lot of tears involved

Always with love,


Seafood anyone


Here we go! My journey back to being a pescatarian. I was a vegetarian for about 1.5 years in my teen days and felt AMAZING. I had a few problems with not getting enough protein though so I am going to keep fish around this time. Beginning with axing out beef and pork…then slowly eliminating the rest. Any tips send them my way.


Minute with Modo (#18): Existing to die



It’s a tricky thing; sometimes.

If we make it.

Today I asked myself the hard question, are you living or are you merely existing to die?


It’s inevitable; no matter how hard we try.

And oh how we try.

It scares me.


Not the afterlife part.

The transition of ceasing to physically exist part.

That fraction of a millisecond where you transition into the forever part.

Because this is not forever.

No matter how hard we try.

And oh how we try.

But what is living?

Doing what you want? What makes you happy? What makes you smile?

How is happiness different from selfishness?

Do they not have the same components?

I read a quote yesterday that said, “we become each other “.


I don’t think that is exactly what the quote meant, but it seemed profound.

Most profound things have an element of WTF in them.

Life is a big WTF.


If we makes it that way.

And oh how we do.

What makes life worth living when the outcome will always be the same?


Times makes life worth living because no one knows how much they have.

It’s a mystery, a big WTF really.

A big WTF.




With Time Feel.


With time feel.

Feel that drop in your stomach knowing its going to run out.

Hold your breath.


You’re still here.


Always with love,