Minute with Modo (#16): Parenting multiple kids

What I’ve learned this week from having two kids under the age of 3:

1. You will say these words A LOT: wait, sit down, No, I love you, and fine you can have it.

2 You lie often…usually about what an item is that you are putting in your mouth or about the amount of toys carried in a store.

3. You LOVE going to the restroom; except when you have company.


4. It makes a BIG difference when the house is messy when you wake up.

5. You will use the TV as a tool.

6. You will smile a lot more.

7. You will meet people easier.

8. You will become a lot more organized or disorganized; your choice.

9. You will lie a lot! Just wanted to re-emphasize that.

10. You will know if you are ready for another kid; I’m not…at least not right now and I am really ok with that.

11. Your kids thrive with another child in the house; this makes me a little sad I am not ready for another child.

Overall there are SO MANY JOYS and some headaches with parenting multiple children. All in all be prepared and have FUN because things often will not go your way but then you realize that you were CHOSEN to lead this little person in life and gratefulness sets in.

Always with love,


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