Genesis ONE year update:

It’s happened!  You are officially ONE! I thought long and hard about what I wanted this post to be.  First it won’t include any pictures…well because Mommy got a new phone and her computer crashed, so those will come later.  But the more I thought about it, that was ok because I just want to talk to you….uninterrupted…no distractions.

As you move into year two there are a few hopes and wishes I want you to hold on to as this year progresses:

1. I hope you stop opening all the DVD cases and taking the movies out. The joy you get doing this seems unparrell to any punishment I could give you, so I just let you do it. However, for the sake of my sanity I pray you find another hobby….soon!

2. Continue to love your car seat….please! We have a lot of trips planned this year, at least in our heads. And since we are pinching pennies they don’t include a plane, train, but yes an automobile. You keep rollin and I’ll keep all the toys and snacks coming your way.

3. Keep smiling. You are already the most beautiful girl I know, but gosh when you smile it makes the rain go away.

4. Share with Elmo, not just Mommy. You know that food you stuck in your mouth, hated, drooled on, and decided it was the worst thing you ever ate? Share that with Elmo…Mommy is full. And Elmo told me he loves that stuff. Promise.

5. Paper isn’t food. Just thought I remind you.

6. When you play and get really excited then run over to me and hug me…keep doing that please. Even when you turn 15. I promise I will always hug back.

7. I pray Mommy’s panties stop being a fascination while she pee pees. Its kind of hard to go number 1, protect my loins,and wipe at the same time.

8. Cheese is good, I know! Trust me! But we can’t eat blocks of it for lunch. They will put me in jail if I keep giving it to you. See; not my fault.

9. I pray you keep running around in a excited frantic state when Daddy gets off work. It makes him (and me) so happy.

10. Lastly, I hope you dance. Ha! Ok one day you will get that joke. I hope, pray, and wish with all my heart you never ever stop being you. Because guess what you are perfect. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

I love you so much baby girl. You are my joy. Happy birthday sweetheart!

(Sorry to all our readers that this is so late. Its been quite a crazy few months).

Always with love,


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