Journey’s 4 & 5 month update: Peace in chaos

Fat Fat (Daddy’s nickname for you),

We were making moves these past two months! Though not a fan of your carseat, you have enjoyed the destinations once we have arrived.  There was a sense of peace between the two of us this month. I feel like we got into a groove. I am learning you beyond your needs; I am learning your soul, your smiles, your laughs, your discomforts…and you are learning me. You mimick a ton these days and have tried to start waving. It is pure magic watching you learn us and this new world of yours.

We had a blast at the LA Zoo! It was perfect weather and we even got to feed the giraffes. You loved the entire day and only cried when it was time to leave.

We went on a field trip with sissy’s school to the strawberry field. Sissy had a great time.

We went to Bubblefest at the Discovery Center. At the end there was a windstorm of bubbles. This was NOT your favorite thing…you are definitely a 3 to 4 at a time bubble girl.

We went to Spring Celebration at sissy’s school. You loved this event and all the moms and dads were so excited to meet you.

Lastly we celebrated your first Easter with family. Keeping up with you and sister’s schedule had me exhausted, but it was so awesome to get you out more.


  • Your new activity center

  • Watching sister dance
  • Sleeping in the bed with Mommy
  • Music
  • Plastic bags
  • Pooping….you do this alot and laugh after
  • Mommy blowing on your belly
  • Baths


  • Your crib
  • Being alone
  • Watching Mommy eat hot food

All in all its been a busy two months full of adventure. I love that you enjoy being on the go because we plan to keep the two of you quite busy this upcoming summer.

Month 4

Month 5

Always with love,


Genesis 4 month update

Genesis 5 month update

One thought on “Journey’s 4 & 5 month update: Peace in chaos

  1. You are such a great daughter that it doesn’t surprise me that you are a magnificent mom!!!!
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