Hello, It’s Me

Sometimes saying goodbye to your old self is the hardest part of stepping into your purpose. For me allowing others to grieve my old space in their lives is equally challenging. I fall back into smiling through conversations that really hurt me. Saying yes to things I no longer enjoy. Making jokes I find hurtful to appease others. And then I feel sick after.

Saying goodbye to your old self also may mean saying goodbye to old relationships that use to serve a huge role in your life and saying hello to things, people, moments that now restore the new you. You may be surprised that the old relationships develop into better ones once challenged. And sometimes they dont. And that’s ok. Seasons are there for a reason.

Grieve that loss but dont go backwards. Distance yourself if you cant remove that person from your life, but dont look backwards. Pray those relationships can be mended in time. But DONT GO BACKWARDS. Remember your calling from God must be bigger than your desire to feel accepted.

Always with love,


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