Small but mighty

Frozen is such a POWERFUL movie about sisterhood. This is after watching it maybe 18 times this week after Journey battled a really bad virus that led to steroids and a nebulizer. Somehow this movie was the only way she would take the treatment without crying in the beginning.

So now I can’t hear Do You Want to Build a Snowman without tearing up. Anna was so so lonely and just wanted her best friend/sister back. Elsa was willing to be in complete isolation to avoid hurting her sister. They both were aching for one another with a simple door separating them.

This led to Anna seeking attention in all the wrong places and led Elsa to completely shutting off every emotion except fear. Human connection to restore their love was the only thing that could break their chains.

What small but powerful thing is causing separation from you and a loved one? Can you find the key to your door? If so do it. Life is short.

Always with love,


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