When No Means Yes

This is my sister Mykesha! She has ZERO qualms about bailing when she is not in the mood. I on the other hand will sit and plan an event knowing my life is straight looking like the last days. This year has forced me to sit my butt down even when I wanted to say yes. If I wasn’t sick, then my kids were, or we had a family emergency. Either way I didnt have a choice in saying NO, it was pinned for me.

But it has also made me realize the sun still rises the next morning, people forgive you, work is always waiting for your return, the world did not end when I didn’t show up.

Being forced to say NO has offered me much practice to also know when to say YES as well to things that I might have…I would have… said NO to before; because of my image at work, my concern how my family would feel about it, how I thought I would look if I failed at it.

Writing was my first YES of 2020 purely for myself. Something that made ME happy. I almost lost focus for a bit getting caught up in the likes and views. Thank you for talking me off the edge Eidit! Thank you mom for calling me and encouraging me, you have always helped me find my center.

What is something you are saying YES or NO to more this year? See my list below…

-spending more focused time with my immediate family and possibly a few little weekend getaways with the girls
-spending the time and money on building a healthy routine
-building/ rebuilding friendships that not only deposit but challenge my new self
-travelling more alone or in small groups (no more than 3 to 4)
-finding a spiritual routine that serves my entire family
-decorating my house
-look fly more often than not /rebuilding my wardrobe

-petty arguments
-continuing conversations that I dont feel “myself” in
-eating crap because its available …especially to fulfill an emotional void
-being on my phone when my kids are present
-being afraid to grow my brand or business (I guess I should start one first lol)
-depositing into spaces or people that only withdraw from me

Thank you Clarisse for getting me to say YES to something recently that I would have never done LOL (shhhhh dont tell anybody…our little secret)

Always with love,


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