The Language of Aliens

I opened my eyes to devastation.  I felt helpless, hopeless, and bound.  I could not speak, move, nor cry out of fear that my weakness would be interpreted as a desire to dialogue.  The room was white; not only in color but in emotion.  I closed my eyes in hope that darkness would somehow beContinue reading “The Language of Aliens”

Humpday Hero Feature: Mattie

There are times when God sends us whispers to forgo a mission that will later be explained by the results of that journey.  Interviewing Mrs. Mattie (as I call her) was God ordained.  As she was in the midst of caring for her cancer stricken husband, I thought my interview may be intrusive, insensitive, orContinue reading “Humpday Hero Feature: Mattie”

Humpday Hero Feature: Natalie

Talking with Natalie was like catching up with an old friend!  We literally talked for hours, laughed til my stomach hurt, and even shared tears and secrets.  Her humility about her life expierences, ability to navigate a family of 7, and her deep passion for changing the world one workout at a time was lifeContinue reading “Humpday Hero Feature: Natalie”

Humpday Hero Feature: Nivia

Interviewing Nivia can be summed up in one word: enlightening!  She was a breath of fresh air, offered her wisdom with such humility, and her laughter was contagious.  She vowed to no pictures, but her beauty radiates through her words.  If you have suggestions for future humpday heroes please email here:  For nomination rulesContinue reading “Humpday Hero Feature: Nivia”

The Mad Dash

5:00 P.M….10:00 P.M….11:00 P.M….12:30 A.M……2:00 P.M….5:30 P.M….7:00 P.M….The time I needed to leave work, the time I needed to be done packing, the time I needed to leave, the time I needed to get there, the time dinner started, the time I needed to leave again, and the time I needed to arrive one moreContinue reading “The Mad Dash”