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Hair Tutorial: Twist out on blown out hair

Hair Tutorial: Twist out on blown out hair

Hey Ladies!

After blow drying my hair for my length check I wanted to style it in a way to give it body and retain moisture; after wearing it big and wild for a few days 🙂


Day after blow out

So I decided to take another go at a twist out. Last time I loved it but after a few hours my hair puffed up like a chia pet. I also have been wanting to try out some new products so this was a perfect time to do both.


I scored BIG on this conditioner that is on sale at Sprouts this week with a bonus coupon; only 5 bucks a bottle (I will be going back today to stock up). The argon oil I use for my take downs and also for my skin care routine. Not pictured is my coconut oil.

So now that I had my products, a sleeping baby, and some patience I got started.

Step 1:

Start with blown out hair. I have a tutorial for this on the blog as well. I also clipped my ends before starting (thanks mom) made such a difference in the results.


Step 2:

Section hair and decide size of twist.

Step 3:

Apply product. I went conditioner, coconut oil, and then reapplied conditioner at the ends half through twist. I make sure to add enough product to almost revert the hair. I actually add enough product at my ends to make sure my hair curls.

Step 4: Twist! I did flat twist. I am not the best at these because I always borrow hair which makes for a hard take down but I am trying to perfect this.


Step 5: I added rods to my ends. As I spoke about in my length check my ends are terrible so I added the rods for the extra help with curling.

Step 6: Sleep! I sleep on a satin pillow case every night to product my hair and keep moisture in.

Step 7: Rise and Shine!!!


Step 8: The take down. I add Argon oil to my fingertips to keep down frizz. I always start from the bottom up.


Look at that definition from the rods!


Halfway there!


All done!

Step 9: Style. I pick out my roots with a wide tooth comb and use a SMALL amount of the conditioner to smooth down my edges.




My niece wanted to sneak in.

And that’s it ladies. I LOVE this conditioner. It left my hair sooooo soft and no flaking.

What is your twist out routine? Leave it below.

Sweater: Juicy Couture

Always with love,


Length Check: You couldn’t pay me to press that!


Time is flying! I can’t believe it’s been one year of my hair growth journey. Let me preface that I have always been natural. I have never had a perm in my hair, however I abused my hair quite a bit throughout my college years with dye, high heat, and rarely moisturizing.

So a year ago I decided to take a firm stance and really start putting an effort into taking care of what my mama gave me.

Two of the major changes I made were increasing my moisturization and decreasing the amount of heat I put on it.

After washing:


After I washed I completed a deep conditioning treatment under a dryer for about 30 minutes. However I noticed my hair was still a bit dry which was a red flag for me not to press it. So I decided to just blow dry for a length check and wait on a press.

Blow Dry:


Yall that’s a lot of hair!

After looking at the photo I realize just how bad my ends were. My mom was visiting so I had her clip quite a few of those dead ends off and I twisted it up right away.

Here is a side by side of six months and one year:


I literally was in shock by how much it has grown. It is past my bra strap so I am pretty sure it is almost waist length if I pressed it. Exciting!!!!

What I have learned this year:
-I am lazy! I need to put way more effort into being consistent with moisturization
-my hair craves moisture so I need to reapply at least twice a day
-I have to change up my products at least once a year
-my sides are longer than my middle. That makes sense because how I apply my product which means I need to pay way more attention to my middle and ends.

It’s been a fun journey and I am so honored meeting all the natural hair girls through Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and in person! Please send all recommendations my way.

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Always with love,


Ten minute natural hair blow dry

Ten minute natural hair blow dry


*Please remember all my tips and tutorials are my opinion. I am not an expert. *

My apologies this is going up late, been one of those weeks! I’m working on achieving my deadlines y’all 🙏 for me 😘

While getting ready to blow dry my hair I must admit I was dreading it. I had flashbacks to my adolescent years of sitting in between my moms legs, being threatened that if I didn’t stop crying I would go to church with my head looking a mess (lol love you mom). I have thick hair; really thick hair and combing that with being tender headed (is that even really a real thing) getting my hair done as a kid was not usually a fun task. But let me tell you I was done blow drying my hair in TEN MINUTES!!!!

Here are the steps I took:

1. Before washing my hair I deep conditioned it (on dry hair) and sat with treatment on for thirty minutes (which turned into 1.5 hours….don’t judge me I have a 8 month old)

2. Put the baby to sleep (trust me when I say you want to do this uninterrupted or your hair will get dry and it will take double the time)

3. Got in shower and rinsed out condition treatment

4. Washed hair with conditioner ( I’ll do a products post if anyone is interested).

5. While still in the shower combed out hair with wide tooth comb. For me it’s so much easier to comb out my hair with slip.

6. Rinse out conditioner

7. Section hair in four parts (yes still in the shower…see why I put the baby to sleep)

❗️So of course you are probably saying this all has had to take more than 10 minutes. Yes! The process leading up to the blow dry took me about 30 minutes (remember I have thick and bra strap length hair. Time may vary for you. But what’s important to to set up everything right so you have to actually blow dry less and put fewer minutes heat on your hair).

8. After sectioning off hair get out shower. DO NOT WRAP HAIR IN ANYTHING. Let it be soaking wet.

9. Plug in hair dryer

10. I then take one braid and run my hands down the braid to get excess water off.

11. Take a dime size amount of heat protectant (I use an oil) and massage into hair from ends up and immediately blow dry on medium heat. Just a minute or so. My goal is not to get my hair bone straight but give it length for a hair style I am trying to achieve (in this case a braid out).

12. Take hair section after dry and twist into a loose Bantu knot to keep out of way.

13. Repeat on other three sections

14. Style (it’s SO important to put moisture back in hair after blow drying. So I completed the LOC method -after taking a few pics of course- and put my hair into a braidout).

Completed look: (sorry forgot to take a close up)


Let me know how you achieve the perfectly blowout on your natural hair!

Always with love,


Day 2 of braid out: