5K training

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than commencing my training for my first 5k! I started this journey a few years back and quit but this time is different. This time not only do I have SO MUCH support from friends who run but I have that precious little girl that will start mimicking my every action…this is one I won’t mind her replicating. Wish me luck!!!!

Vote for Genesis PLEASE

Hey There!

I like to keep my blog pure content, never bugging my readers with irrelevant info.  BUT, I know a lot of you have grown to know and love Genesis while watching her grow up through the blogs.  So I wanted to bring this to you all on the last day.  She is in a photo contest and to vote for her all you have to do is click the link below and vote.  That’s it! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming 🙂




Always with love,




Minute with Modo (#13): Do You

Do You

You want to know when my husband and I fight? When one of us is trying to control the other in some way.


Sure we have those typical couple fights: money, waking the baby, what do you want for dinner (why is that always such a hard question).

But when I get down to it most of our fights are about some element of control. But the big question is why?! Why are we trying to control one another and for what purpose?!

Some of the reasons I thought of were: for safety (“babe get off that ladder it’s broken”); for companionship (“I don’t want you to go out tonight”); but the one that made the most sense was for self improvement.

Wait, Modo how do you control someone to improve yourself?!

You can’t! But this is how you fool yourself into thinking you can. Peep the scenario below:

My hubby and I started this meal plan. I bought all the food. Prepped. And printed out the list. The first day while he was at work I cheated. Yep before lunch I at chocolate. The next day he was going to cheat and I went IN on him. Then I realized I wasn’t going off on him I was really going off on myself. I didn’t want to do that damn meal plan in the beginning. Who was I kidding?

I needed to improve my eating habits, so I decided to control my husbands. Sound insane?! It IS!!!!! Lol

I told y’all to pray for me.

Ultimately we have to do US! Focus on you. Make YOU a better YOU! When we both focus more on bettering ourselves and just loving the other person we have the best days. Those are the days we kiss the most, laugh the hardest, and fall in love again.

Anyone else have crazy stories like this? Anyone feel my pain?!

Always with love,


Genesis 8 & 9 month update: Celebrations

8 Months
8 Months
8 Months with special guest: Miles
8 Months with special guest: Miles

Hey Tootsie Roll,

These past two months have been all about celebrations; not only holidays but also celebrating you hitting some pretty big milestones. This was your time to shine and you did! In two months you crawled, stood, and took your first steps; and let me say you LOVE your new independence. Your first steps were with your favorite person in the world; Daddy! At first Mommy was super jealous that I missed it, but after some thinking I am really grateful you chose Daddy to have that moment with. He works so hard all day and misses out on so much of the small things day to day with you, so the fact that you gave him such a big moment was so thoughtful….and it was on his first Fathers Day weekend! How perfect was that! Another big moment was you finally started eating solids! You decided that you wanted to try strawberries while we were at a restaurant…we didn’t mind that part at all…it was the fact you were in ALL WHITE and wanted to feed yourself. It was a mess! Before you left the restaurant you were stark naked and we had a table full of used wipes and napkins LOL! It was such a perfect moment. Some of your favorite foods are: mango, peaches, strawberries, and carrots. You are a sweets girl for sure. Lastly, we celebrated Mommy and Daddy’s five year wedding anniversary and you stayed with Granny for your first time away from both Mom and Dad. You had a blast and so did we! It was the best feeling racing up the stairs to see you after our night out. Thank you Mom for the time off! All in all it was an eventful two months that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Hanging with Daddy
Hanging with Daddy
First Tea Party with Tiffany (our maternity photographer)
First Tea Party with Tiffany (our maternity photographer)
Lunch Date!
Lunch Date!
Father's Day
Father’s Day
Mother's Day gift
Mother’s Day gift
First picture in your crib
First picture in your crib
Celebrating Granny's graduation
Celebrating Granny’s graduation

Other things we noticed:
-You are trying so hard to talk
-Sticking your tounge out…It’s quite hilarious
-Still no teeth
-Feeding yourself
-You try and answer my phone when it rings
-You have become pretty good at mimicking

You love:
-Your crib! It took some time, but you actually sleep all night in it.
-Climbing! You still love this and climb on everything: the couch, my legs, the bed, the tub..
-Outdoors. You squeal when I turn the doorknob to go outside.
-Spitting! Mama does not like this one
-The mobile above your crib…this is how mama escapes to the restroom throughout the day.

9 Months
9 Months

You could pass on:
– Mommy’s puree combinations. You immediately tell me when I am off the mark LOL. We finally found one you like: oatmeal, carrots, and pears.
-Waiting! You have become quite impatient lately.
-The swing. This was your favorite thing in your room for the past three months and then one day you refused to get in it and never turned back.
-Your walker…it’s a hit or miss but you much rather be held or crawl

Love you for always,


Slow Food


Slow food 😋!

I HATE fast food. It never has any color…well because it’s dead. Crock pot is my best friend…especially because I am not the best cook. Endometriosis has done one thing right for me and that’s taught me to eat better. I am grateful because REAL food taste so much better.

Always with love,