Sneak Away Sundays (#1)

Thank you all who sent in stories! I had such an awesome time reading through them. I am so excited to start this new segment on the blog. I will feature 2-3 stories every Sunday (posting this one a little early as I have a busy day tomorrow), so feel free to continue to sendContinue reading “Sneak Away Sundays (#1)”

Genesis Five Month Update: The Girl Who Found Her Voice

“To the world you may be ONE PERSON, but to ONE PERSON you may be the world” Hey Sugar Plum, Can’t believe it’s time to write another update, but time is flying by! You are five months old and really getting this “growing up thing” down. Some may call me crazy, but I have alreadyContinue reading “Genesis Five Month Update: The Girl Who Found Her Voice”

Party of Four: What’s in Mommy’s Hospital Bag?

“Pretty much all the honest truth telling there is in the world is done by children” Oliver Wendell Homes Hey Folks! We are officially 35 weeks and recently packed the hospital bag for Mom and Dad and wanted to share with you all. There are a few things not pictured that I have listed below.Continue reading “Party of Four: What’s in Mommy’s Hospital Bag?”

Hospital Bag: Help Us Decide

We are packing our hospital bag and want your help! Genesis has three diaper bags (don’t ask lol) and we would love your help with choosing which one we will take to the hospital. The bag with the most votes will be revealed during the what’s in my hospital bag post in two weeks.

Party of Four: Name reveal, 6 month update, and Gift Haul

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother” -Theodore Hesburgh What’s in a name?:Besides getting pregnant I think the hardest thing during this pregnancy has been choosing a name. Once we found out it was a girl, I thought I had settled on a name, we hadContinue reading “Party of Four: Name reveal, 6 month update, and Gift Haul”