I’m sure

We were parked in his red honda down the block from my house; 16; naive; and trying to hold on to the last 15 minutes before my curfew when I blurted out “I love you” for the first time to @blackjdm2010 .

He got real quiet.

He just looked at me. Smiled. And drove me home.

We didn’t talk about it. I left thinking we were breaking up. That I had rushed it.

I’m a sucker for love. You’ve seen the post about my dad. I love to be swept off my feet. I love grand gestures of affection. I love fairytales.

Byron was pragmatic. Quiet. Steady.

Weeks later we sat on the couch at his house and he said “I love you too” without prompt. He looked at me and said “I wanted to make sure before I said it”.

This was followed by weeks of finding roses in my room after school, being picked up after band practice and dropped off at work, he would then wait for me to get off and take me home. At prom he somehow rigged a ring on a string in the visor to slide down meeting me just at my nose (my promise ring). 

There are many days I talk about B and I’s faults in marriage, but today wont be one of those days.

Today I honor you Byron. Thank you for sweeping me off my feet in my teens, being diligent in my 20s, and being compassionate in my 30s.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I love you (I’m sure).

Always with love,


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