Close Your Doors

Everyone knows I work in a healthcare clinic setting. Every day I walk in I am scared. I keep hearing the phrase “front line staff are so brave”. We are scared too. We go because this is what we signed up for. So please STAY HOME to protect us if you can.

My husband and father

I have the privilege of having an office that I can close the door too. I wouldn’t even consider myself front line staff to be honest. But these two men are. My dad runs a caregiver company and works in leisure world daily. I worry about him often. He is a hero. He doesnt get to close his door. He actually has always been a guy to open the door when times get tough to help.

Byron works in the automotive industry. He doesnt get to close his door. He talks to customers ALL DAY. He touches their cars, their hands, their credit cards. I pray every day he leaves the house. He is doing this to feed his family. Before I took this serious he had already stocked our house and bought us masks. He is braver than he knows. He is our hero. I not only have come to love him more during this time I have come to RESPECT him even more during this time.

I cross two check points before even getting to the stairs at work. I have been in contact with people with symptoms.I have laughed to mask that fear. I have continued to show up and work and help the best way I know how but please know I am still scared. I have family members that could die if I bring this illness home. My daughter has always had respiratory issues. Byron has a h/x of asthma. I wake up daily watching them both breathe.

Byron and I undress in our garage after shifts. Shower. We dont even touch our kids until we feel that everything we touched that day has been sanitized. So I BEG YOU ALL. Please STAY HOME. Limit your exposure. Find something to do at home. Save my heroes. Save the hospital staff. The people who dont get to close their doors. The doctors. The nurses. The receptionists. The techs. The grocery store workers. The gas station employees.

Close your doors so they can eventually close theirs.

Always with love


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