Thanksgiving Debut!!!

Hello World,

Singing with the Volume Up is happy to announce that blogging will officially commence on Thanksgiving Day 2011! I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and am so excited to share this journey with you all. In the meantime, take a second to leave your recommendations for topics that you would like to be discussed, follow me on twitter at @swtvu, and click on the follow button at the bottom to be updated when new blogs are published.

Humpday Heroes

Every Wednesday SWTVU will feature one person or company that’s helping people get through the week with a smile. Recipients will be featured each Wednesday on the blog with a picture and interview. Please take the time to nominate someone who you believe deserves to be honored. Examples of nominees are: a husband that cleaned the house so their wife could study for classes, a co-worker that advocated for you at work, a barista that gave you a word of encouragement with your latte, or even your nephew that called to say I love you. SWTVU believes that changing lives doesn’t always have to be done on a monumental scale; it just has to be done. Please see nomination rules below.

Nomination Rules:

1. Please send email to with title HUMPDAY HERO NOMINATION. All nominations must be received at least two weeks prior to being considered for feature.
2. Please provide name, photo, and contact information for nominee.
3. In 100 words or less demonstrate why nominee should be chosen to be featured.
4. Nominations will be kept up to three months.
5. Please avoid nominating yourself 

Always with love,


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Debut!!!

  1. Danielle Lipkin: I am so excited and can’t wait. I am glad to see that you have been following through with achieving your personal goals (hence the big revealing of your blog in Thanksgiving). YaY!

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