Happy Mother’s Day: But first there was you

But first there was you…


I clearly remember being accepted to college and the first person I wanted to tell was you! When I got engaged you were the first person I called. And as I delivered my miracle baby you were there holding my hand (and my leg lol). But, that’s no surprise because you have always been there; always, even when you were unnoticed, unthanked, and uniformed. You have always had this way of making me feel like I learned something on my own, but really it was you navigating the process. You taught me to fall without defeat; win with a giving spirit, and tame the wild hair….well I think we are still working on that. You taught me to brush my teeth, twice; how to love beyond selfishness; and cook a mean batch of grits….ok lets be honest I NEVER learned that one. Thank you for teaching me to be a lady with a voice; powerful with grace, and to be a child of God with a humble spirit. Thank you for teaching me to not look for the day to day appreciation of parenthood, but the long term honor of being of mother. I aspire to have your beauty and not later in life, but today! You are amazingly graceful.

Now that I have married and realized God’s calling over my life as a mother, I thought what else could my mother teach me?! Well while watching you graduate with your college degree just last week I realized I was wrong about that notion. You are unstoppable!!!! On this day I thank you for allowing me to learn from you, to mimic you, and secretly steal your ideas on so many occasions. You are more than a mother, you are beauty without boundaries; you are forever plus infinity; you are love.


Always with love,


One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day: But first there was you

  1. Everytime I look at you, talk with you or spend time with you, I think how could she make me any prouder to be her mother…. Then you do! I love you.

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